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1 .collection-bar {2 border-top: solid silver 1px;3 margin-top: 16px;4 margin-left: 48px;5 margin-right: 48px;6 }7 8 .collection-tap {9 height: 9px;10 background: black;11 width: 48px;12 margin-top: -4px;13 margin-left:35px;14 -webkit-transition: margin 0.5s ease-in-out;15 -moz-transition: margin 0.5s ease-in-out;16 -o-transition: margin 0.5s ease-in-out;17 transition: margin 0.5s ease-in-out;18 }19 20 .collection-tap:hover {21 -webkit-transition: none;22 -moz-transition: none;23 -o-transition: none;24 transition: none;25 }26 27 28 29 /* Scroll Bar Master Styling Starts Here */30 /* All comments can be freely removed from the css */31 32 .scrollgeneric {33 line-height: 1px;34 font-size: 1px;35 position: absolute;36 top: 0; left: 0;37 }38 39 .vscrollerbase {40 width: 10px;41 background-color: white;42 }43 .vscrollerbar {44 width: 10px;45 background-color: black;46 }47 .hscrollerbase {48 height: 10px;49 background-color: white;50 }51 .hscrollerbar {52 height: 10px;53 background-color: black;54 }55 56 .scrollerjogbox {57 width: 10px;58 height: 10px;59 top: auto; left: auto;60 bottom: 0px; right: 0px;61 background-color: gray;62 }63 64 65 .scrollgeneric {line-height: 1px;font-size: 1px;position: absolute;top: 0; left: 0;}66 .vscrollerbase {width: 15px;background-color: white;}67 .vscrollerbar {width: 15px;background-color: black;}68 .hscrollerbase {height: 15px;background-color: white;}69 .hscrollerbar {height: 15px;background-color: black;}70 .hscrollerbar {background: #99CBCB url(horizontalbarbody_cornerjog.png) 0px -30px repeat-x;}71 .vscrollerbar {background: #99CBCB url(basebarcaps_verticalbarbody.png) -15px 0px repeat-y;}72 .vscrollerbar, .hscrollerbar {padding: 10px;z-index: 2;}73 .vscrollerbarbeg {background: url(basebarcaps_verticalbarbody.png) -45px -30px no-repeat;width: 15px;height: 15px !important;}74 .vscrollerbarend {background: url(basebarcaps_verticalbarbody.png) -45px 0px no-repeat;width: 15px;height: 15px;}75 .hscrollerbarbeg {background: url(basebarcaps_verticalbarbody.png) -60px -15px no-repeat;height: 15px;width: 15px !important;}76 .hscrollerbarend {background: url(basebarcaps_verticalbarbody.png) -30px -15px no-repeat;height: 15px;width: 15px;}77 .scrollerjogbox {width: 15px;height: 15px;top: auto; left: auto;bottom: 0px; right: 0px;background: #4E727C url(horizontalbarbody_cornerjog.png) 0px 0px;}78 .vscrollerbase {background: #D7EBDF url(basebarcaps_verticalbarbody.png) 0px 0px repeat-y;}79 .vscrollerbasebeg {background: url(basebarcaps_verticalbarbody.png) -30px -30px no-repeat;width: 15px;height: 15px !important;}80 .vscrollerbaseend {background: url(basebarcaps_verticalbarbody.png) -60px -30px no-repeat;height: 15px;width: 15px;}81 .hscrollerbase {background: #D7EBDF url(horizontalbarbody_cornerjog.png) 0px -15px repeat-x;}82 .hscrollerbasebeg {background: url(basebarcaps_verticalbarbody.png) -60px 0px no-repeat;height: 15px;width: 15px !important;}83 .hscrollerbaseend {height: 15px;width: 15px;background: url(basebarcaps_verticalbarbody.png) -30px 0px no-repeat;}84 .scrollerjogbox:hover {background: #5E828C url(basebarcaps_verticalbarbody.png) -45px -15px;}85 86 

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