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1 <title>DocuSS v0.2</title>2 3 <h1>DocuSS</h1>4 5 <h2>What is it?</h2>6 <p>DocuSS is a tool to provide quality format to simple HTML documents. DocuSS adds margins, format, code highlighting, document metadata and automatic index.</p>7 8 <h2>How it works?</h2>9 DocuSS transforms the markup inside your browser and adds a set of CSS files. This document is using DocuSS, you can see the source code and how is transformed by inspecting the DOM.10 11 <h2>How can I use it?</h2>12 <p>Very simple: only the next line must be included in your 'head' section of your HTML document and all will work:</p>13 14 <code lang="html">&lt;script src="" type="text/javascript">&lt;/script></code>15 16 <h2>Improvements</h2>17 18 <h3>Version 0.2</h3>19 20 <ul>21  <li>Can use attribute 'lang' or 'language' to force a certain language inside a tag 'code'.</li>22  <li>Added a small margin to the document (this is good when the text fit to the width of the screen).</li>23  <li>Improved indentation style (numbers are coloured and targeted ones are coloured too) and functionality (now, titles have an hyperlink to itself).</li>24  <li>Added document title</li>25  <li>Added document metadata</li>26  <li>Improve style for code when print</li>27  <li>Search for hash and navigate to it</li>28  <li>Update hashes format</li>29 </ul>30 31 <h3>Version 0.1</h3>32 33 <p>It is the first version.</p>
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